Trump's reaction to school shooting shows 'cowardice comes in many forms'

Feb 23, 2018

To the Editor:

I have decided to forego my latest letter, written recently, to update to the latest soap opera being played out at the peoples house and the “star” of Peyton Place, Mr. Trump, who has the morality of a snake, a 72-year-old man, a womanizer born of wealth and living in a world of fantasy and self-gratification.

Secondly, the past of this man, with six bankruptcies, a flim-flam scheme, Mr. Trump of the Trump University, and having to pay millions (25).

Since taking power, the administration is like watching the keystone cops.

This organized chaos, created by Mr. Trump and his trained seals who flap their flippers in approval, originated in the swamp, the heads of both chambers are exploiting this man’s vulnerabilities as a dupe. A man who applauds himself shows a man who is insecure, who lives for adulation, who hears but does not listen.

My deep appreciation goes out to the next generation of young people, the survivors of the latest massacre, who showed their courage and determination of getting something done. Mr. Trump, meanwhile, who would take a knife to a gun fight, wants an armed camp of our school, who says the shooter is mentally ill like him, a man totally inept lives for the moment. I feel if Mr. Trump’s son were put in this spot, we would see a different reaction to this madness.

Mr. Trump, if you were that deputy in the same situation, would you go into that building? You seem to talk a good game for your base. Or, would you emulate during the Vietnam War Era and conveniently have a physical ailment? I served my country.

So, Mr. Trump, be sure your brain is in gear before putting your mouth in motion. Cowardice comes in many forms, and sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. There may be hope for the future in calling out our spineless politicians who look out for themselves.

This will have to be all for now. Our next topic, The Tax “Plan”.

Thank you for your time,

Arthur Sandland