Fresh juice bar squeezes into Onset

Jul 10, 2018

Larry Senna and his partner Melissa Clements have opened a new business in Onset: A fresh juice and smoothie bar with a Cape Verde twist.

"I've been juicing for well over twenty years," said Senna. "So I thought, hey, let's try it."

The juice bar, known as Sumo Fresco, joins the duo’s other Onset-based buisnesses, Cape Cod Lobster Rolls and LS Computers, under one roof.

The juice bar is located at 239 Onset Ave., in a spacious store front where customers can choose to eat in or dine out.

"When we did lobsters rolls, it was take out only," Clements explained. "Having an actual store where customers can come in and hang out is like a dream come true."

Remaining true to the local atmosphere, Senna has decorated the space with long picnic tables and nautical decor.

According to Senna, Sumo Fresco's main focus is on healthy items that look and taste good.

The juice bar offers everything from smoothies to acai bowls, all freshly prepared.

"There aren't many juice bars outside of New Bedford and Plymouth," Senna said. "When people find out we're here, they're usually pretty happy they don't have to travel so far."

The fruit used in Sumo Fresco's recipes is locally sourced, and Senna said his company has been taking full advantage of nearby farmers markets.

"Sumo Fresco is Cape Verdean for 'fresh juice'," Clements explained. "It's a name that's true to who we are and what we're hoping to do."

With the addition of Sumo Fresco, Senna and Clements said they also hope to make their business year round.

"We'd love to do cafe hours in the winter," Clements said. "Onset has been a really welcoming community, and we're super thankful for that."