Town officials, bystanders rescue person after boating accident

Jul 4, 2022

Several town agencies, along with nearby boaters and bystanders, helped rescue a boater who fell overboard and was reportedly struck by their vessel on Sunday.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources, police department, EMS and fire department reported to the incident around 4:25 p.m. at Glen Charlie Pond, according to a DNR Facebook post from Sunday night. They were responding to a report of a single-vessel accident in the vicinity of Wareham Lake Shores.

“Nearby boaters and numerous individuals along the shoreline assisted in rescuing the individual from the water after the victim fell overboard,” the post reads. “The unmanned and underway vessel is reported to have struck the victim causing serious injuries.”

The struck person was taken to the shore and given first aid to control their bleeding until first responders arrived, according to the post. The victim was then taken to Tobey Hospital.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police is investigating the incident, the Wareham DNR said on Facebook.